Micro Needling Services

Micro Needling is a procedure that activates production of new collagen and fibroblast formation to help reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. It can also help improve the appearance of many types of scarring. Skin renewal is stimulated, to help the skin appear fresher, firmer and younger. Micro Needling works for nearly all skin types, with results that are comparable to laser resurfacing, without the expense, heat, pain or downtime.

Micro Needling FAQs

I recommend a series of 4 to 12 treatments, each spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart, to help start you on the way to more beautiful skin. Enhance your end-results by alternating micro needle treatments with advanced exfoliation facials. SAVE 15% on a Pre-Paid Package of 4 or more treatments.

Micro Needling Treatment for Face & Neck – $195
Micro Needling Treatment for Face ONLY – $175
Micro Needling Treatment for Decollete ONLY – $150
Add-on Decollete (with FACE & NECK or HANDS) – $100
Micro Needling Treatment for Hands – $135
Micro Needling Scar Treatment – $100 and up

Click HERE to Book an Appointment or Purchase a Gift Certificate on my Vagaro website.

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