Prasanna by Face Perfection

Prasanna (PRAH-suhn-nah) is derived from the Sanskrit word “prasanna” (pruh-suhn-NA) meaning clear, bright and tranquil. See also: serene.

It’s the perfect description for timeless, healthy, beautiful skin. Developed to meet the skin care needs of both women and men from teenage years and older, Prasanna features gently active, anti-inflammatory botanical and organic ingredient formulas to help enhance your natural glow. Nearly all Prasanna formulas are free of pore-clogging ingredients that stimulate acne break outs, and are safe for all skin types, from very sensitive to the most resilient.

Available soon at Face Perfection LLC.


Prasanna Botanicals

A complete home care product regimen developed to maintain naturally healthy skin while correcting and preventing the visible signs of skin aging: unwanted pigmentation or redness, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles.


Prasanna Correctives-4.26.16

Prasanna Correctives

Developed to meet the specific needs of acne-prone skin, Prasanna Correctives offers active formulas to help visibly correct acne blemishes, break-outs and scarring. Also includes acne-safe, broad-spectrum sunscreen formulas.



Prasanna Beauty

Tools that help make the most of your mineral makeup application, and help you maintain perfect eyebrow beauty, featuring brush applicators and brow beauty products.


Prasanna products will be available in 2017.