Face Perfection LLC offers a selection of carefully selected professional-grade cosmeceutical products that offer powerful, effective and safe active ingredients to address the skin care goals of my clientele. Whether correcting acne breakouts, rosacea, signs of visible aging or other concerns, there is a product or a regimen that will meet your specific, unique needs.

*Need products, but don’t have time to stop in the office? Contact me at or send me a text to ship products directly to you.

Prasanna by Face Perfection

Prasanna (PRAH-suhn-nah) is derived from the Sanskrit word “prasanna” (pruh-suhn-NA) meaning clear, bright and tranquil. See also: serene. It’s the perfect description for timeless, healthy, beautiful skin. Developed to meet the skin care needs of both women and men from teenage years and older, Prasanna features gently active, anti-inflammatory botanical and organic ingredient formulas to … Continue reading Prasanna by Face Perfection


Evidence-based Epionce professional products are sold exclusively through physicians and licensed skin care professionals to ensure you receive a comprehensive and effective skin care program specific to your needs. Episciences, Inc. integrates 20+ years of research into the development of a highly effective non-prescription, dermatological product line called Epionce. Epionce is a comprehensive and innovative skin … Continue reading Epionce

Face Reality

Safe Products for Acne-Prone Skin Face Reality is a clear-skin non-prescription system that helps get acne under control in about three to four months, depending on your type of acne. All products have been tested and approved as non-pore clogging and acne-safe. But it’s not enough to simply hand you products and send you out … Continue reading Face Reality

Le Mieux

Le Mieux is a division of Bielle Cosmetics, Inc., specializing in innovative skin care products based on extensive anti-aging and cell growth research. Le Mieux’s high-tech youth preserving products stay at the forefront of a constantly evolving beauty care industry. The company offers a unique and comprehensive range of products combining the latest breakthroughs in natural, herbal … Continue reading Le Mieux


Acne-safe exclusive and natural Vegan & Gluten-Free mineral makeup PRIIA™ minerale-derm is the first and only mineral makeup of its kind. Made specifically for acne-prone skin, it is 100% acne safe, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. PRIIA is carefully formulated with ingredients that help to reduce inflammation, protect the skin barrier AND are effective in inhibiting the acne-causing … Continue reading Priia

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