Prepare Your Skin for the Big Day: Brides & Mothers

You are taking the plunge, saying yes to the dress-- and planning your Big Day. There are many planning calendars out there to help keep all the details organized from guest lists to wedding décor to bridesmaid’s dresses… so, here is a handy little guide for preparing your skin to look its absolute radiant best … Continue reading Prepare Your Skin for the Big Day: Brides & Mothers

Dermaplaning Explained

There are many different methods of skin surface exfoliation in a licensed esthetician’s professional arsenal: chemical peels and enzymes (on the “chemical” side), and on the “mechanical” side: ultrasonic skin spatula, textured scrubs, microdermabrasion—and, dermaplaning. Dermaplaning uses a surgical tool to gently and safely remove the dead skin cells that build up at the skin … Continue reading Dermaplaning Explained

Five Benefits of Enzyme Exfoliation

If you are looking for an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion, it’s time to consider enzyme exfoliation. Enzymes are naturally derived from fruits and other plant sources, and offer gentler, skin nourishing and smoothing effects than stronger acids and abrasive mechanical scrubs. Here are 5 reasons why enzyme treatments benefit your skin: Enzymes encourage … Continue reading Five Benefits of Enzyme Exfoliation