Prepare Your Skin for the Big Day: Brides & Mothers

You are taking the plunge, saying yes to the dress– and planning your Big Day. There are many planning calendars out there to help keep all the details organized from guest lists to wedding décor to bridesmaid’s dresses… so, here is a handy little guide for preparing your skin to look its absolute radiant best on your wedding day.


One Year Prior: Brides

This is the ideal time to consult with your skin therapist/licensed esthetician to discuss options within your budget for transforming your skin before you take your walk down the aisle, especially if you have any deep scarring, unwanted pigmentation, or chronic acne breakouts. If we’re treating scarring, collagen regeneration takes at least 6 months –up to a year — to be visibly apparent in your skin, so start your microneedling series now. It’s also a great time to ask your esthetician about professional product recommendations to follow at home, so your skin responds optimally to in-office treatments. Even if home skin care is all you can afford to do, your skin will absolutely benefit from consistent, twice a day care.

If you are planning on wearing as little clothes as possible (or perhaps clothing-optional?) for your honeymoon, you don’t want to be bothered with shaving or waxing unwanted hair. One year prior to your wedding date is the perfect time to start a laser hair removal series on legs, underarms and bikini areas. You’ll need at least 6 treatments (or maybe more), at 4 to 6 week intervals, to be (mostly or completely) hair-free by your wedding day.

Six Months Prior: Brides

If you are moderately to severely acne-prone and hope to have clear, smooth, glowing skin on your wedding day, don’t delay past this point to start on a skin-clearing treatment series. There are several affordable and effective non-prescription options from which to choose.

At this point before your Big Day arrives, you may be able to squeak in a few laser hair removal sessions, if you haven’t started already, to help dramatically reduce shaving or waxing time during your honeymoon.

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Four Months Prior: Brides & Mothers of the Bride/Groom

If your skin care goals are not too complicated, your esthetician can set you up with a mini-series of monthly light chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments to help keep your skin smooth and glowing by your wedding day. For brides over age 35 and mothers of the bride or groom, adding Microcurrent facials will help further smooth fine lines and add a lovely lifting effect. For optimal cumulative results, microcurrent facials should be performed at least once a week or once every two weeks until the Big Day. LED Facials are also a wonderfully simple treatment series to consider for improving skin texture, clearing acne breakouts, calming underlying inflammation, and stimulating collagen regeneration.

Bonus benefit: there is no recovery time needed at all after a microcurrent or LED treatment.

Deeper expression lines or deeper pitted scarring that haven’t been corrected by regular facial treatments may mean that this is the time to consider Botox or filler injections. Experimenting four months prior to your wedding date helps you figure out which injectable is right for your needs; and, in case of any unforeseen adverse reaction, gives you plenty of recovery time if needed.

Two Months to Six Weeks Prior: Brides & Mothers

*Two months to one month prior to wedding day is about the time that most mothers of the bride or groom start to panic about the wedding day photos. If you are one of these, please allow yourself at least two months before the Big Day arrives to work on your skin.

With two months to go, there’s still time for a twice-weekly LED facial series. Try to get at least 6 to 8 LED facials in over 4-6 weeks (preferably twice a week). Results vary per individual, but most are truly amazed at the difference in skin texture and pore size after completing a full series of LED facials.

Also, within a two-month time frame, you can (ideally) fit in two Perfect Peels, spaced 4 weeks apart, for dramatic, immediate improvement in skin discoloration, texture and acne scarring. Allow yourself time to peel, at least 7 full days, plus at least one more week of dry, flaky skin after you have finished peeling.

One Month Prior: Brides & Mothers

9fd944b3-b89b-477c-a88c-52e38b1b8c3a-rs_768If you started with injectables 3 months ago, now is the time to assess if a touch-up is needed. If you didn’t have a chance to figure out which injectable is right for you before now – don’t put off trying Botox or filler for the first time after this point. There is a slight risk of adverse reaction to an injectable procedure, and one month prior still allows time to recover if anything goes wrong. Don’t risk a drooping eyelid or bruising any sooner before Wedding Day.

Those who haven’t started a facial series before now can squeeze in one Perfect Peel for instant brightening, smoothing, and acne clearing effects — but do plan at least one week of peeling and up to another week of feeling very dry. Some will peel in light flakes, others peel like an onion. Schedule a follow-up exfoliating  facial (gentle enzyme, microdermabrasion or dermaplaning) one or two weeks after your peel to get the best skin-smoothing benefit.

Mothers of the Bride/Groom: You have time at this point for four weekly (or even eight if going twice a week) Microcurrent Facials + LED therapy for visibly firmer, lifted skin. Remember: when performed in a series, microcurrent results are cumulative, similar to how an exercise regimen benefits our bodies.

Two Weeks Prior: Brides (& Mothers)

If you’ve been following the recommendations above, your skin is in prime condition for Your Big Day. Even if you’ve only stuck to a simple, professional product regimen at home, your skin will be much improved from when you first started. Any random little stress breakouts can be alleviated quickly with a 15-minute Thermoclear session to help them dry up and disappear quickly.

For mothers of the bride and groom, if you haven’t partaken in any of the above suggestions, you can still schedule one or two (up to four) lovely Ultimate Lift or Red Carpet Lift Microcurrent treatments + LED therapy for beautiful firming and lifting effects, without any recovery time needed. You’ll be glowing at the pre-wedding festivities.

Brides: Schedule time with your makeup artist to create your unforgettable wedding day look. Your makeup artist will help you with important tips on keeping your look fresh through the entire day’s festivities.

One Week Prior: Brides & Mothers

Get waxed. Remove all your unwanted hair a week before your Big Day. You’ll stay hairless and smooth for at least 2 to 3 weeks afterward, maybe even longer. Even if you’ve finished a series of laser hair removal treatments, wax any little leftovers so you don’t have to obsess over those darn little hairs (on your kneecaps) on your honeymoon.

You’ve got one week to go before you become a Mrs. (or the mother of a newly-wed). Schedule a relaxing dermaplaning or microdermabrasion facial with gentle enzyme mask + LED therapy to help remove any surface skin flakes plus fine vellus (peach-fuzz) hair, and give you soft, radiant skin under your wedding day makeup. Note: If you have never had a facial before — DO NOT schedule your very first facial a week before your wedding. Even if you “NEVER” break out or have any sensitivities… this is NOT THE TIME to experiment. Trust me on this.

Last minute wedding stress giving you breakouts? Ask about a quick Thermoclear radio-frequency treatment to zap those little zits and help them dry up by your wedding day.



You look amazing! Don’t forget to eat — and drink plenty of water — and enjoy every last minute of your unforgettable day. Congratulations!


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