10 Handy Tips with Epionce Barrier Creams

It’s that time of year when our skin tends to feel much drier and more sensitive than other times of the year. In the colder winter climates, we tend to spend more time indoors in a dry, heated environment. While the warmth feels cozy and comfortable, it can take a toll on our skin.

If you do suffer with dry, itchy, uncomfortable skin during the cold winter months, having Epionce Medical Barrier Cream or Extreme Barrier Cream readily available will help soothe your skin while providing an extra emollient boost of hydration.

First of all, what’s the difference? Medical Barrier Cream and Extreme Barrier Cream were each designed with highly compromised, sensitive skin in mind. Both formulas help to restore healthy barrier function to skin that is extra dry, flaky and sensitized. Medical Barrier Cream has no scent, leaves no greasy residue, and is the better choice for the most sensitive skin types. Extreme Barrier Cream leaves a longer-lasting moisturized “slip” to the skin and has a pleasant, natural botanical scent. When Renewal Enriched Body Lotion doesn’t seem to go far enough, the next step up is Extreme Barrier Cream, for longer lasting, heavier moisture.

Here are 10 handy tips to incorporate Epionce Barrier Creams into your regimen:

  1. Encourage healthy post-treatment skin healing. Medical Barrier Cream is a staple in my treatment room after chemical peels and microneedling to encourage healthy repair, without stinging upon application. It’s included in the Essential Recovery post-care Kit just for this reason.
  2. Calm and soothe symptoms of eczema and psoriasis with Medical Barrier Cream. Essential for those with severely compromised skin. Helps rebuild a healthy itch-free skin barrier. Once symptoms have calmed, try applying Extreme Barrier Cream daily to help maintain remission of visible flares.
  3. A diaper bag must-have. Protect and soothe baby skin from diaper or drool rashes, and keep baby’s skin soft and extra hydrated with Medical Barrier Cream.
  4. Soothe and smooth chapped hands. Frequent hand washing taking a toll? Apply a layer of Medical or Extreme Barrier Cream and your hands will thank you. You’ll find the moisture lasts through multiple hand washings.
  5. Extreme Barrier Cream is ideal for post-laser hair removal, and after shaving or waxing.
  6. For men: Use Extreme Barrier Cream in place of regular shaving gel or cream. Apply to your dry face, then shave. Cleanse with Lytic Gel Cleanser and follow with your favorite Epionce Renewal or sunscreen.
  7. Apply a thick layer of either Barrier Cream formula to cracked, dry hands/feet and cover with gloves/socks overnight to encourage skin healing.
  8. Indulge your hard-working partner or favorite friend with a relaxing massage using rich Extreme Barrier Cream. It’s safe for all over the body, and smells nice too.
  9. Help protect against and prevent windburn by applying a thin layer of Medical Barrier Cream under your sunscreen in place of your normal moisturizer. Especially helpful before active outdoor winter sports. (Which is how this article idea came to mind: I applied my Medical Barrier Cream under my sunscreen, preparing for a snowshoe adventure yesterday with my hubby – the air is chilly, but the sun is shining brightly. Windburn + sunburn = not fun!)
  10. Soothe sunburned skin with Medical Barrier Cream. Apply as often as needed for 24 to 48 hours after sun exposure.

You’ll find both excellent Epionce products available at Face Perfection, or purchase online using this link: SHOP EPIONCE

Extreme Barrier Cream is available in a 6-oz. tube for $48. Medical Barrier Cream is available in an 8-oz. size for $46 or a 2.5 oz. purse size for $24.

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