Clearer, Healthier Skin for the New Year

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, isn’t it time you stop suffering with acne break outs, once and for all?

Acne is a frustrating skin disease that can affect individuals of all ages, not just teenagers.

Many licensed estheticians treat minor acne break outs, but as a rule, most estheticians are trained to refer more severe cases of acne to a dermatologist. I became Idaho’s first Certified Acne Specialist because there is a highly effective, proven, and best of all—affordable— alternative to expensive physician visits and prescriptions (that offer little to no relief). As a Certified Acne Specialist, I am confidently able to help address all types of acne break outs – from minor, non-inflamed to severely cystic lesions.

The first step you must take is to schedule a consultation appointment with me. The consultation is a mandatory part of the process to help start you on your way to clearer skin. Together, we cover several important points:

A Review of your Medical History, Previous Treatments & Skin Care Products

I need to know everything, including: how old you were when you first started breaking out, your eating habits, any allergies, what prescriptions (or home care remedies) you’ve tried, what are you using now. You’ll also find out why nothing has worked – until this system.

Review the Face Reality System, while Setting Realistic Goals & Expectations

We’ll talk about your commitment to the twice-daily home regimen required to get the clear skin you want. Clear in 2 weeks….? That’s not gonna happen … but you’ll learn, realistically, how long it will take for you to stop avoiding your reflection in the mirror, or venture out in public without makeup.

Facial Treatment (Extractions Optional)

I’ll get up close and personal with your pores after thoroughly cleansing your skin to correctly analyze your skin type and acne type. We’ll take baseline photographs that will help us track your progress with home care and clinical visits. I’ll test how sensitive (or not sensitive) your skin is to determine the strength of your home care regimen. You’ll experience a mild-to-medium level enzyme treatment to help remove dead skin cells from your skin surface and soften pore debris for easier extractions. And, yes, I may extract a few spots to test your skin hydration levels.

Home Care Product Usage & Lifestyle Tips

You’ll learn the correct way to apply and use your home care system, plus I’ll give you several handy tips on adapting healthier lifestyle habits to successfully help clear your skin. You’ll never buy cosmetics again without first checking your list of Pore Clogging Ingredients. Don’t worry! You’ll get a nice folder to keep all your paperwork organized.

Set Your Future Appointment Schedule & Any Other Questions

It’s best to see you in the clinic every 2 to 3 weeks as you first get started in the program. Then as your skin clears, we stretch that out to once a month or every two months for maintenance. Your regimen must be adjusted every few weeks during the clearing process so that your stubborn acne bacteria do not adapt to the actives.

Face it — you are tired of home acne ‘remedies’ that don’t ‘fix’ anything or expensive, ineffective prescriptions that aren’t working.

So … now what?

Contact me to schedule your consultation to hear about the proven Face Reality system, and to learn why you need to trust a Certified Acne Specialist. While my services are not covered under insurance policies, I do offer several affordable payment options from which to choose to help you see clearer, healthier skin within the next 12 to 16 weeks.

It’s a New Year, and you are ready for a New (Acne-Free) You.

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