Healthy Holidays & Last Appointment Day 2016

Hello, my lovely Face Perfection friends!

Christmas is fast approaching, and the three of us at Beauty Anew are busy-busy-busy with appointments.

For those of you who wish to make any product or gift certificate purchases before Christmas (or the end of the year), my last appointment day in the office will be Thursday, December 22. I will be taking some extended holiday time off, and will be back at work on Thursday, January 5.

Treatment and Product Specials until December 31, 2016

Buy 3, Get 1 Free (Save 25%) on Favorite Facial Packages (4 or more) – if you can’t make it in to purchase, go to to purchase a gift certificate for yourself or someone else (*after December 22).

Save 20% on all Epionce Renewals: Renewal Facial Cream, Renewal Facial Lotion, Renewal Lite Facial Lotion, Renewal Eye Cream, Intensive Nourishing Cream, & Intense Defense Serum—PLUS with every Epionce purchase receive a 2.5 oz size of Renewal Enriched Body Lotion & Epionce travel bag (limited availability).

Since I am super booked until December 22, the easiest way to make a purchase if you don’t have an appointment is to:

  1. Text me (*or call me and leave your order on voicemail) at 208.724.6250
  2. Email me at

I will then email you a Square Invoice that you can easily pay online, and then you may come in at your convenience during office hours and pick up your order at the front desk.


Healthy Holidays

Now that winter has arrived, ‘tis the cold and flu season…. And, while I truly adore and appreciate each and every one of you, please stay at home if you are experiencing the symptoms of a cold or the flu… or, if someone close to you (husband, parent, child, or other close family member) is actively experiencing symptoms in your presence.

Yes, that may seem a little odd to see that written out there, and I do have a cancellation policy in place for less than 24-hours’ notice… I truly love what I do, and this is how I make my living, so I’m not a big fan of last minute cancellations.

But if you are honestly sick or have been exposed, I would rather reschedule you. And, chances are, I will not charge you a cancellation fee, out of gratitude for your courtesy.

So, please do contact me, and let me know the scoop. Don’t share when it comes to illness.

Here’s why…

When I work on you, I’m not only exposed, but I could pass it along to every other client that follows you that day. Then I take it home and expose those around me.

If I catch a cold or flu, my workday (or days) must be cancelled, meaning I will disappoint a lot of other people who have scheduled facial appointments. Sometimes up to a week … over the holidays.

If you ever wonder about whether you’re contagious, and would like a bit of information, here is a post to help you figure it out: Healthline

I genuinely care for all of you, and not sharing a cold or flu is a very kind thing to do. J

PS ~ Rest up, take good care of yourself, and get better soon.

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