What is ThermoClear?


Ok– I will admit I was intrigued with another remarkable device at the Long Beach esthetics conference I attended in September. I have made the decision to add it to my practice, because I believe it will benefit so many of the lovely clients who visit the medspa.

ThermoClear is designed by one of the top manufacturers of medical spa equipment in the United States, and offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art radio frequency technology available today. It uses both high and low radio frequency (RF) to treat surface skin imperfections such as small spider capillaries, cherry angiomas, milia, blackheads, acne, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, sun and age spots. ThermoClear is safe for all skin colors and skin types, with minimal discomfort or downtime.


What I love about ThermoClear is that it only treats the epidermal layers (outermost surface) of the skin, leaving the layers underneath unaffected. Pulsed light machines such as IPL or laser penetrate deeper into the dermis, which can cause temporary or even permanent damage. Additionally, machines that use a “sparking” effect to treat the epidermis have a higher risk of causing permanent hyper- or hypo-pigmentation.

Click here for Before & After Results using ThermoClear. Your results may vary.

As soon as my training is complete in the next few weeks, I will be offering this treatment to all clients at Face Perfection and Beauty Anew Medspa. Book your ThermoClear treatment by time (20 or 30 minutes) or add-on to a facial service of your choice at http://www.vagaro.com/FacePerfectionLLC.


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