When Your Mirror Makes You Say “Hmm.”

Here YOU are. You see yourself in the mirror every day, and you have started noticing things that bother you: a few lines here, a wrinkle or two (or three, or four) there, or spots of different hues, in various sizes and shapes, appearing in visible places. Maybe your eyelids are losing their previously perky firmness, or your jawline and neck are showing the effects of gravity and too much time spent worshiping the sun from years past.

You have decided you are NOT going under the knife. Cosmetic surgery is too much (money) (pain) (recovery time) (risk). You want to age naturally and gracefully, but you want to look (better than) good for your age. In fact, you want to look great – period – for any age.

So you splurge on a really nice facial treatment (the esthetician had a 5-star rating!) … or maybe you spend a ‘good amount’ of money on a few different types of facial services (all 5-star rated spas!) — Yet, you keep seeing the same face you started with in the mirror before you began your treatment(s). What gives? Did you just throw your money away?

Here are four points to keep in mind to ensure your most successful visible outcome when you undergo any type of non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment:

  1. Remember how you got to this point. I mean, really think about it … go back—years—and consider how you treated your skin. External factors (sun, smoking, diet, lifestyle choices) account for 80 to 90 percent of what you see in your skin. And it’s the damage you see now that actually happened 5 to 20 years ago (or longer)!
  2. What are realistic expectations? If promises sound too good to be true—they are. Remarkable before and after photos don’t always tell the full story, and your results may be different. Educated, honest esthetic professionals will do their best to help you set realistic skin care goals, and keep your expectations attainable.
  3. How are you taking care of your skin at home? Your skin professional gets to spend precious time with you for an hour or two every month – what happens in the hours away from the clinic? Are you following her advice and using professional products she’s carefully researched and recommended to help you get the results you want, or have you stuck to your own drug/department store/mish-mosh collection of products that you’ve been using for years? Are you protecting your skin daily with sunscreen (no matter the weather)? Adhering to suggestions from your esthetician helps you protect the investment you’ve made in your skin.
  4. How many treatments have you had? I wish there was such a thing as an Esthetic Magic Wand, and one treatment would be enough to erase all the skin sins of the past. Most of the time, however, it isn’t. Yes, one beautiful bells-and-whistles facial will make a great difference in the appearance of your skin: you’ll be hydrated, you’ll be extracted, you’ll glow …. But it’s usually a temporary fix, great for important occasions or when you need special pampering. Skin cells turnover on a monthly basis in young, healthy individuals; as you age the process slows. When you are trying to fix years of damage, it’s going to take repeat visits and consistent home care to see definitive visible improvement. In fact, what you do today may not be visible for months, but your dedication will pay off.

Remember, non-surgical alternatives are just that: they ARE NOT surgery. Visible skin improvement after years of neglect takes time and commitment. Even if you don’t “see” an immediate transformation of your mirrored reflection, there are positive effects at work below the skin surface, and it’s better to start sooner rather than later.

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