Five Benefits of Enzyme Exfoliation


If you are looking for an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion, it’s time to consider enzyme exfoliation. Enzymes are naturally derived from fruits and other plant sources, and offer gentler, skin nourishing and smoothing effects than stronger acids and abrasive mechanical scrubs. Here are 5 reasons why enzyme treatments benefit your skin:

  1. Enzymes encourage skin renewal in a more gentle way than chemical peels, making them ideal for even the most sensitive skin types. Because enzymes are activated by water and not by low pH, as in chemical peels, they offer limited exfoliation just at the skin surface.
  2. Skin treated with an enzyme is instantly brightened and softened, without the lingering peeling effects of a stronger chemical peel.
  3. Enzymes can provide a hydrating and antibacterial effect to benefit oily, acneic or mature skin types.
  4. Many enzymes are derived from fruits such as papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, cherries, blueberries, or passionfruit (to name a few), and are high in antioxidants. Your skin is protected against free radicals and left with a healthy glow.
  5. Applying a mild enzyme before a chemical peel or treatment mask helps to enhance absorption of active ingredients by clearing away the outer layers of dead skin cells.

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