The Adult Acne Struggle

Acne break outs: truly, not just for teens anymore, affecting all ages from as young as 8 years old, to over-60 years old (yes!).

Are you over 35 and unsure what to do for both acne and wrinkles? It’s easy to think that once you are past being a teenager the acne should be gone for good. So why isn’t it? Added to the fact that your skin is aging, the quest for flawless skin feels endless.

The Hormone-Acne Connection

The root cause of acne happens deep inside our bodies…. starting with inflammation at the pore (or, hair follicle) and mixing with genetics, hormone imbalance, skin cell retention and acne bacteria.

Break outs in women that occur from the cheeks downward, to the jawline, chin, and neck could be associated with hormonal imbalance, especially if they coincide with your monthly cycle. The hormonal imbalance could be triggered from stress or perimenopause. Stress happens to be one of the major factors that cause adult acne as adrenal production peaks during times of stress, which stimulates higher levels of testosterone.

So, what is the best way to help clear hormonal acne?

It’s important to realize that visible break-outs and congestion in your skin (rough, pebbly texture) do not immediately classify you as an oily skin type. Trying to use products targeted to oily-skinned teenagers when you are more of a dry skin type could in fact be making your acne worse due to increased irritation. Address your skin type first, meaning dry/sensitive, normal or combination, or oily/problem prone before choosing your acne regimen.  The key to successful acne treatment is to balance skin hydration while treating your break outs.

Instead of “self” diagnosing your skin type, a quick consultation with your skin care professional will help determine exactly what your type is to get you started on the way to clearer skin.

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