January 2015 Newsletter

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January 2015

Happy New Year!

With the New Year beginning, it’s a great time to revisit certain goals and aspirations we have for ourselves. Many of us spend so much time worrying about and caring for others, it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves. When I was a flight attendant, we had a saying that applies to all caregivers: Care for yourself first, so that you are able to care for others. Facial treatments may seem to be a “frivolous waste” of time and money, but thebenefits of scheduling regular care for the largest organ in your body (the skin) far outweigh the negatives. Facials not only help to improve the appearance of your skin, they are as relaxing and restorative to the body and mind as full body massage: an excellent way to spend an hour of your time, at least as often as when the seasons change.


As a new business, I’m seeking wonderful clients just like you, who are interested in aging gracefully without surgery or struggling with acne (at any age). Included with the hard-copy newsletter mailing are two referral cards for $25 off any facial. Please write your name on the back of the cards, and give them to two friends. When a referred friend makes an appointment, they’ll receive a $25 discount on their facial service, and you’ll receive $25 credit towards future services for each referral card. There is no limit to the credit you can build on your account. I’ve got 1000 of these referral cards ready to distribute this year, so if you need more, please let me know!

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Q & A: What is a Certified Acne Specialist?

A certified acne specialist is one who has been trained specifically on how to help successfully clear acne using Face Reality Acne Clinic products and treatment protocols. This is a non-prescription system with a proven track record for visibly clearing even the most stubborn acne issues, both inflamed (red) and noninflamed (rough, pebbly texture). I am the first and only Certified Acne Specialist in Idaho. I’m looking for individuals (of any age) who are tired of prescription and non-prescription regimens that haven’t worked, who want to see a visible improvement in their acne breakouts within 3 months. I’m here to listen and to walk through every step that is required to get clear, using a combination of affordable home care products and in-office clinical treatments.

Have a question? Email me at faceperfectionllc@gmail.com

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment


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