Epionce Renewals vs. Drugstore Moisturizers

What makes Epionce Renewals different from moisturizers you can purchase at a drugstore or a department store?

So much more than a standard moisturizer, Epionce Renewal Facial products provide optimum hydration while gently delivering active botanical ingredients through the outer skin layers.  This technology provides superior therapeutic benefit to the skin, with minimal barrier disruption.

Comparisons using Epionce Renewal and a common drugstore moisturizer are illustrated HERE, where you can see that the Epionce Renewal has penetrated past the outer layers of the skin, while the drugstore moisturizer lays right on top of the skin.

Most drugstore and department store moisturizers do little more for the skin than make the skin “feel” better and perhaps “smell” better on the surface.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just not a great thing.  Because consumers pick and choose products based on their own assumption of what their skin type is, cosmetics that are mass marketed to drug and department stores have to be made in such a way that doesn’t cause a lot of unwanted adverse reactions.  So the active ingredients in these products must be in smaller amounts to prevent negative reactions, such as redness, flaking and irritation.

Additionally, many products that are sold through drug and department stores do not have a delivery system that penetrates through the skin layers, without causing unhealthy barrier disruption or triggering inflammatory factors.

Renewals are the foundation on which the entire Epionce line was created.  They are the key component in your home regimen that helps calm damaging inflammatory factors while building healthy skin barrier strength, to reverse and prevent skin diseases and visible aging.  Used with Lytic Tx, it was clinically proven that the non-prescription Epionce regimen gave anti-aging results that were numerically about the same as anti-wrinkle prescription Renova 0.05%.  Epionce vs. Renova study.

If you are not currently using a Renewal in your home regimen, you are missing a very important part of the Epionce technology.  Renewals are best sold with professional recommendation after a thorough skin analysis and consultation.  Schedule a skin consultation appointment with me to figure out the Renewal formula that is best suited to your specific skin type.

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